Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Paradise, found!

Our first featured artist:
Elizabeth Humphries of Paradise Purls!

I have immense respect for anyone who can knit.

That's because I can't. Seriously. I can crochet up and down and backwards, but knitting? To me, it's like trying to cover a centipede with duct tape with your eyes closed. I decided this Spring I would try one more time to teach myself to knit, and while I am making some progress (I can cast on! Woo-hoo!), when I look at beautiful creations such as these, I think to myself, why am I torturing myself this way when it would be so much easier to shop Etsy for something I love?

Elizabeth, owner of Paradise Purls on Etsy, is a SAHM like myself who taught herself to knit (grrrrrr!) with awesome results. She has an incredible eye for color. "I fell in love with all the yarn ... the colors and textures," she says. "One of my favorite things to do is spend time in a yarn shop touching all the different yarns. I'm very tactile! That coupled with the ability to create beautiful things with that yarn is what I love about knitting."

So I may keep trying. Elizabeth inspires me. =]

And, if I ever get past page 5 of my how-to-knit book, I can use one Elizabeth's beautiful bookmark's to hold my place!

To learn more about Elizabeth you can visit her blog here: http://paradisepurls.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful shout out! And, for the record, I know you can master knitting, keep at it! I swear it's truly like learning to ride a bike: very intimidating at first, but once you feel the motion and get going, there's no looking back! =)

Artesia said...

Gorgeous pieces! I absolutely love her yarn choices. Someday I too may attempt to knit, but I’m on the "how the heck?!?" Bus right now about it. :) Hats off to Paradise Purls!

Concord Soap said...

Gorgeous! I am guilty of knit-envy as well, Swan! Off to check out Paradise Purls' Etsy shop!

Anastasia Rinaldi said...

Beautiful Blog!! so rich in color i love it! :) I'm so glad I found your blog on the Etsy forum! Now I'm off to check out your shop :)

Starlet Glam Bath and Body said...

What a gorgeous collection! I also envy people who knit. I have two friends and their craft is knitting...love it.

Miss Pretty Perfect Handbags said...

Oh my.. you had me at duct tape and a caterpillar! Excellent feature! She truly has a gift.