Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gorgeous glass from Kei

Kei of keiglass on Etsy is a glass artist. From the studio behind her garage, she creates amazing, one of a kind art.

Glasswork astonishes me. Funny how we are each drawn to our own paths in creating. Kei says,

"what makes you *click*? everyone has something that'll make them go "wow, this is it". while i don't understand what *clicks* for accountants, maybe its the fact that it's a real job *click* with good pay *click, click* but nothing had grabbed hold of me. i come from a very artistic family and have always had a pull towards the arts, but it wasn't until the first time i grabbed a rod of glass and started melting that it just **clicked**. i still don't fully know what i'm doing, but it is something i just have to do. that *click* has turned into my drive!"

One of the neat things about Kei's shop is that all of her jewelry is named after cities, places, or landmarks around the world, "to help express my love of travel. MOST of the places i have actually visited!!"

To see more of Kei's gorgeous glass, you can visit her etsy shop, keiglass or visit her website at