Thursday, March 4, 2010

Calling all poets!

Announcing our very first blog contest!

Are you a "wordie?" Love to rhyme? You're in luck! In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we're hosting a contest for the best limerick. Here are the rules:
  • It has to be clean. This is a family blog.
  • It must follow standard limerick formatting to be considered  - five lines, 7-8 syllables each, and the established rhyming structure (A,A, B, B, A)
  • You can write about any subject, but "extra points" will be given if you write about natural bath and body products.  =]
  • Entries must be in no later than March 11th. To enter, write your limmy in the comments section of this blog.
The winner will receive a bar of our Green Irish Tweed soap (pictured above) and a jar of White Clover Jelly.

Good luck!


Here is our limerick, created for our soap team's (Soap Artisan Friends of Etsy) March St. Paddy's Day challenge:

If your skin is all wrinkled and spotty,
And not matching with your inner hottie,
You must try our new butter
- Read these words that we utter –
It will fix all that’s wrong with your body!

Do you find yourself in a bad mood?
Are your neighbors quite snotty and rude?
Buy a jar of this, quick!
It will quite do the trick,
This amazing new cream that we’ve brewed

It will remove the fat from your bum!
It will triple your family’s income!
Friends will think you quite smart,
Men will vie for your heart!
Jealous women will beg you for some!

It will heal halitosis and warts
And those are just two things for starts!
It can re-grow lost hair!
Make you dress with more flair!
(It can even un-stinkify farts!)

Throw away all your alpha hydrox
And your silly old shots of botox.
Buy a jar of our cream –
You’ll think you’re in a dream
When the girl in the mirror’s a fox!

Your old car will burn up much less gas,
Your employer will treat you with class,
No more waiting in lines!
It prevents traffic fines!
And a cute guy will come mow your grass!

Of course greenies have no need to panic
As our recipe is all organic
It is vegan of course,
From a fair-traded source,
And it’s filled with all good stuff botanic.

So please buy up this listing today,
Before somebody calls FDA
They may find a few flaws,
(Oh those labeling laws!)
And we’d hate if they locked us away.

If you like it, come vote in our challenge ( by leaving a comment at the very end. You'll be entered to win the winning entry!)

4 comments: said...

Love the blog...!!!!

Sarah said...

I once was a Walmart soap buyer
but my skin just got drier and drier
Then I switched to home made
it was worth what I paid
If you try then you'll see I'm no liar.

Though I am also clearly not a poet either.

Kathleen said...

Great blog - I will have to put on my poetry cap *winks* Voted for you!!!

Alice said...

One day I was walking along
singing a very nice song
then I tripped over some wood
and did all that I could
to hurry quickly home.

Once I got home I saw
just how dirty became my drawers
I decided to bathe
and now have to rave
about the wonderful soap that's superb.

Swan Mountain Soaps are the best
others just can't past the test
customer service is superb
even though she's far from the burbs
and my skin can finally rest.

My favorite soap, I can't say
there are too many in the way
but my skin's soft and clean
(not like the others that were mean)
and I smell like a fresh new day.

(he he he that was fun ... I might be back!)