Monday, March 1, 2010

What are shampoo bars?

Most of us have been told that we need to have massive heaps of bubbly shampoo lather on our hair in order to clean it. And that our shampoo should make out hair “squeaky clean” when we’re done.

But that simply isn’t true. Commercial shampoos usually contain chemicals that do nothing but boost lather – and those chemicals have been found to be harmful to some people. They certainly do nothing for your hair. And that “squeaky clean” feeling? The detergents in most commercial shampoos strip the hair and scalp not only of dirt and grease, but also the natural, necessary healthy oils normally found there. Most regular shampoos actually strip so much oil from the hair and scalp that with some people, the body goes into overdrive to produce a lot of oil to accommodate that, creating “oily hair.”

Our shampoo bars are different. Because they are a true soap and not a detergent, they are much more gentle on your hair and scalp. Our shampoo bars are formulated with a very high percentage of coconut oil, because its molecules are actually small enough to penetrate your hair shaft and help your hair look softer and shinier.

Often when people first use a shampoo bar, it feels … weird. It does take some getting used to. Simply lather the bar in your hands as you would to wash your skin, then apply the lather to your hair, starting at your scalp. Some people with shorter hair can simply rub the bar right on their head. Initially most people say this takes a bit longer than with liquid shampoo, until they “get the hang of it.”

Commercial shampoos leave a chemical build-up on the hair. Over time, your shampoo bar will help remove this build-up. That is one of the reasons hair can feel “dull” or heavy at first. This can be remedied with a quick vinegar rinse – simply spray a bit of vinegar on the hair and rinse. If rinsed off completely, your hair will NOT small like vinegar afterward. Most people remark that they don’t need conditioner after a few weeks of using a shampoo bar.

If at first using your shampoo seems to be awkward, or causing “bad hair days” or simply not working well, we suggest you keep with it for at least two weeks. Once your hair “gets used” to shampoo bars, you’ll never go back.

Shampoo bars are a great way to be kind to your hair and scalp, and you have the added benefit of knowing that you are not adding empty plastic bottles to your local landfill.

So, what are you waiting for? To buy our Glacier Blend shampoo bar, pictured above, go here:


MonsterBug Blankets said...

I agree with using a shampoo bar over commercial shampoos. I went shampoo free for a yr and a half (using baking soda and apple cider vinegar), but I missed the yummy smell. So I recently began using cold process soaps. Love it! And I love what you said about the coconut oil you use--sounds awesome!

nikid said...

Cool! I have to try them! With my short hair it will be easy!!

Kathleen said...

I was loosing hair like crazy - until I quit using shampoo! You are right, I would never go back to shampoo again! I will check out your shampoo bars =)

vince+shannon+mattie+ireland +afton+chamberlain said...

I've been a shampoo bar convert for about a week and am loving it! My hair is getting used to's long, feels good, and I've been having some great hair days. :)

BlueRoomGems said...

I had never heard of shampoo bars before! Thanks for educating me, now I want to try them!

Anhoki's Place said...

I would be lost without my shampoo bars. I love them. :) Great post.