Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What's your soap personality?

So. You've decided to take the plunge and buy handmade soap. Good for you! But now you are faced with a sea of choices ... plain, colorful, scented, unscented, goatsmilk, vegan, cold process, hot process, floral, quirky, sensual, sweet ...

How can one decide? Amidst a plethora of wonderful, handmade soaps, a shopper can get easily lost, overwhelmed by too many choices. We at Swan Mountain Soaps (and our buddies at SAFEteam) are here to help. We have developed an online "soap personality" quiz to help you determine what kind of soap will suit you best.

Here we go ...

My idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon:
1. Soaking in the tub with a Jane Austen novel
2. Working on the truck (four-wheeler, furnace, shed, you name it)
3. An hour of yoga followed by a leek & lentil soup and a sprout sandwich
4. Getting the chores done and relaxing with my family
5. Painting my toenails blue and black, and buying tickets for the next Alice in Chains concert

My favorite snack:
1. Tea and ladyfingers with a bowl of white grapes
2. A burrito, a taco and two beers. Maybe three beers.
3. Eggless egg salad, hummus and a flax smoothie
4. A ham sandwich on wheat bread and a sliced apple
5. Oysters on the half shell and a Cosmopolitan

If I was an animal, I’d probably be a …
1. Siamese cat or a Bichon Frise
2. A gorilla. Or maybe a Rottweiler.
3. I’d be a polar bear. Then they'd be one less away from the endangered list.
4. A golden retriever.
5. A chameleon or a Siberian Tiger. Or maybe a Siberian tiger with white, purple and green stripes!

My kind of music:
1. Vivaldi
2. Bocephus. Or maybe Freddie Mercury.
3. Joni Mitchell or Tracy Chapman
4. The birds outside my window
5. Dave Navarro. Oh yeah!

If I could go anywhere in the world for a vacation, I’d go to …
1. Paris, France or maybe Venice, Italy.
2. Daytona Beach. NASCAR, beer and babes!
3. I’d spend 2 weeks volunteering with the Archipelagos Conservation League.
4. I’d stay home and finish that quilt I’ve been working on.
5. Rio, London and Milan.

Now for the good part.

If you answered mostly #1, you're a girlie-girl. You love what is beautiful and romantic:

(Love Spell Cold Process Soap by SoapScentsations, Patchouli Rose - Cold Processed - Organic Goat Milk Soap Complexion Bar by greensprings0, and Strawberry Vanilla Cupcake Soap by freshandclean)

If, on the other hand, you answered mostly #2 - obviously you're a man's man. You need a hardworking no-nonsense bar that will get you clean. However, who said men can't be pampered as well?

(Distinguished...Luxurious Handmade Soap with Shea Butter by Thistledelight, Hunk On The Beach, Number 202, Sea Spice Fragrance by Amelias, and Peppercorn Shaving Soap by SudsNSuch)

Mostly #3? You're green through and through. You need a soap that is as eco-friendly and health conscious as you are. But no one said responsible can't be beautiful:

(All Natural Soap Sample Kit by oilandspice, Green Tea Calendula soap enriched with Tea Tree Oil and Cocoa butter by PacificParadiseSoap, and Green with Envy by Anhoki)

Answered mostly #4? You are a no-fuss, natural, plain and simple person. You don't need any bells or whistles. Fortunately for you, handmade soap is just plain good!

(Alaska Bear soap - natural unscented soap by Swan Mountain Soaps, Rose and Apple Potpourri Goat Milk Soap with Cocoa Butter by AuntNancysSoapand Lavender olive oil and shea butter soap by urbaneden )

And lastly, if you answered mostly #5, you already know who who are. You are one righteous, rockin', glamourous babe. Most likely you've been using handmade soap for some time now, but let us provide a few more awesome soaps for your perusal ...

(Vintage Vixen High Heel Shoe Soap with Shea Butter and Olive Oil / Black Linen and Amber by StarletGlamBathBody, Just Bitchin (Vegan Friendly) soap by pinkparchmentsoaps, and Perfectly Pomegranate Soap by theskinyourein)

These are just a few suggestions to get you started. Now, go shopping!


Terry said...

what an incredibly fun post!

Soap Scent-sations said...

You are so clever! Looks like I am number 4 through and through! I'm not surprised.

nikid said...

I am a #4!! Loved the quiz, great idea!

Amy W said...

How fun! I'm a #4, and sometimes a #1. :)

Anhoki's Place said...

Well I am a 3...but we all knew that. Good job OBSwan!

Three Little Bows Boutique said...

I'm mostly 1s and a few 5s. . .
great & FUN quiz!

good thing pay day is coming soon!

SierraSnowSoaps said...

I love all the soaps! The quiz is great, I'm a little of all of them.
Michelle in NV

Kathleen said...

Very fun post! Yep - add another four into the mix *winks* with a dash of five thrown in, too *winks*

Swan Mountain Soaps said...

Truth be told, I am a #4 - who'd LOVE to spend an afternoon in the tub with a Jane Austen novel, and who'd love to sit down with a plate of ladyfingers and grapes ... but I know the kids would get them first, lol. Oh, and I love Vivaldi too. =]

Shelley said...

You are so fun! I am #4 with a couple #1 :)

Missy said...

What a fun quiz!

emily said...

fun quiz! I am mostly 4 with a bit of 1 for good measure.

jeni@pnkgeeni said...

Good quiz. I'm #4 - which isn't all that surprising. I care more about if the soap will dry my skin or make me itchy than what it looks/smells like.

Andrea (Sacred Suds) said...

This is so awesome! Found it thru Etsy's twitterfeed, and I'm so glad I clicked! I'm mostly 4's (though I did choose burritos and beer). Thanks for making me smile :-)

floreal said...

Lovely article.

BetaBoutique said...

oh, this is fun.
I am somewhere between 3 and 1 and its not a big surprise. I always appretiate natural but also extreme femininity (much much floral and fruit flavors in my bathroom!)


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