Monday, May 3, 2010

Theyyyyyyy're back!

We know it's really Spring when our friends return from their vacations down South.

The ducks have been here for a few weeks now, cozying up to each other over by the creek where the lake has thawed the most. We've seen the swans flying overhead ... hopefully they'll settle down in their nest soon and lay a good batch of eggs. The kids saw a muskrat yesterday swimming in the thawed water along the shoreline. Hopefully he's still there, as we saw this guy out hunting a little later ...

He must have gone after the Bonaparte gulls, because they were dive-bombing him as he sat atop that tree. He refused to be bothered by them, of course. He's far too regal a bird for that. Or maybe he's a she, I don't know. There is a pair of bald eagles nesting very close to our house, and I imagine this is one of that pair.

This morning we heard the distinctive call of our dear Sandhill Cranes, who must have just arrived home last night. They are incredibly funny to watch ... they walk like a silly butler in a cartoon. However, their cry is wonderful to listen to, and they surely plan to wake up us with it early every morning from now until September, as is their usual wont.

As funny as they look when walking, though, when they fly they are amazing to watch.

So all we are waiting for now is our beloved loons. Usually we get at least one or two pairs nesting on our lake. Their lonely call is heartbreakingly beautiful. And, they make they cutest babies! We'll post photos when they arrive!


BlackStar said...

What beautiful photos swan!

basketsbyrose said...

Love your photo, and you are so lucky to live by all this wild life.