Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beauty from across the pond

Those Brits know a thing or two about beauty.

Some of my very favorite people hail from across the pond ... Jane Austen, Shakespeare, Cat Stevens, Vincent Van Gogh and (sigh) Colin Firth.

So it should come as no surprise that another Brit - Naomi from moonangelnay - has one of my new favorite shops on etsy. Naomi has an amazing eye for beauty and mystery, and manages to capture the essence of everyday items, turning them into works of art.

"I'm inspired by the human form, philosophy, nature, free will and color," she says. "A fine art artist at heart, yet I have an ever changing abstract style which has also drifted into my digital art work."

"I try to bring contrasting duality into my work, highlighting my interests in both light and dark and the veil in between through form, color, mantra and poetry to bring forth my objective to brand my work as more than just physical art or home decor, but something to think about," she says.

Naomi bases much of her work on "the affinity I perceive an object to have with it's environment, which can give a spiritual ambience to what I do. I love spectral brightness and the gothic glamor of monotone, instead of being quite the opposite, can be meshed together like light refracting through broken darkness."

You can learn more about Naomi and her work at her blog, here:
And you can view more of her gorgeous photography, calenders, cards and photo jewelry at her shop, here:


Artesia said...

So beautiful! I feel like I want to drop into the center of her images and see what might be found there.

Nina said...

Beautiful pictures!

Moonangelnay said...

thanks so much for this beautiful feature!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Naomi's work is stunning!