Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pretty Much Perfect!

There is something beautiful about the time in a woman's life when she no longer has to carry around a 30-pound diaper bag.

Now that my youngest has hit the toddler stage, I no longer need to gaze jealously at other women and their cute little bags. They can be mine! Yes, mine! (Insert evil laugh here).
I recently came across Miss Pretty Perfect and her wonderful collection of handmade bags. She describes herself and her ideal customer as "a care-free, motivated go-getter who is not easily led. Miss Pretty Perfect represents the independent women who work, strive, and believe in a positive lifestyle and surroundings. Miss Pretty Perfect feels good inside and thinks highly of herself. Attention and admiration keep us breathing. Even though we don't live in a perfect world, Miss Pretty Perfect creates one in her mind."

So now the only problem is ..... which Pretty Perfect bag to pick?

Read more about Miss Pretty Perfect at her blog, here:


Artesia said...

Loved this post - very witty! Miss Pretty Perfect has some awesome paterns fabrics. so hard to chose!

Miss Pretty Perfect Handbags said...

Bless you! :)

waterwaif said...

Such a great feature for such a wonderful seller!